Easter Craft

I know it's June, but I really wanted to share my Easter craft this year.
Call me insane, but I actually made an Easter tree. It confused my husband for a while.
I thought it was pretty cool. It was SUPER easy. Well, sort of.

Easter Eggs - Dyed eggs:
6 eggs
Food dye

1. Empty eggs - You'll need to poke a hole with a pin and then poke the yoke.
    Shake the insides out into a bowl
2. Drop the eggs, Gently, into a cup of 1/2 cup of vinegar and as much food dye as desired
3. Let it sit until you're  happy with the colour
4. Dry :)

The tree:
1 x vase (mine was a wedding present)
5 - 8 long sticks (or however many you'd like)
White paint
Paint brush
Newspaper - to paint on and to stuff the vase so the sticks stay.

I went hunting for my branches/sticks in our local park. Yes, I looked weird. No, I didn't care.
I then painted them and let them dry. Sorry Will and Kate, Easter tree was more important....

Then I did this....

I added an extra hole on the other end of the eggs, and threaded through some string. Then I tied a knot and it hung. Lovely! And easy too.

What do you think??

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