Smallest of small.

you have made the smallest of small,
and the depths of the universe.
yet you care for me, in my brokenness.
you keep the sun shining and the sky blue,
yet you cared enough to bring me home to you.
you put the stars in their place and the clouds up high,
yet you still hear my prayers, my joy and my cry.

thank you God.
I am small. But you are big.
I am weak. But you are strong.
I feel hopeless. You bring hope.
I am wanting. You freely give.
You hold me in the palm of your hand, and you keep me safe.

What we are eating....

Garlic and sesame toasted haloumi with roast chicken,
tomatoes and spinach. Amazing.
My first EVER potato bake. With lamb and veggies. yum!

Crepes with strawberries and vanilla sugar creme.

  • Sometimes it's super hard to find the motivation to cook.
  • I am buying more cook books, which I find helps! A lot.
  • Get other people involved, husband, friends, family etc.
  • Shop when you FEEL like it, and take your time, you'll end up
    with a much better set of options and you won't feel stressed.
  • I've tried meal plans. I now cook what I feel like eating. 


I've always loved seeing things like this...

found this at 

So when I found cheap letters for $2.00 each, I had to give it a go.

TYPO cheap letters!

I basically just painted them with white paint as they were a brown wood to start with.

EAT or ATE or TEA or TA or AT.....endless

After first coat of paint

Now, It wasn't perfect, but I don't mind. The paint was a little hard to get right in all areas.

End Result!

Easter Craft

I know it's June, but I really wanted to share my Easter craft this year.
Call me insane, but I actually made an Easter tree. It confused my husband for a while.
I thought it was pretty cool. It was SUPER easy. Well, sort of.

Easter Eggs - Dyed eggs:
6 eggs
Food dye

1. Empty eggs - You'll need to poke a hole with a pin and then poke the yoke.
    Shake the insides out into a bowl
2. Drop the eggs, Gently, into a cup of 1/2 cup of vinegar and as much food dye as desired
3. Let it sit until you're  happy with the colour
4. Dry :)

The tree:
1 x vase (mine was a wedding present)
5 - 8 long sticks (or however many you'd like)
White paint
Paint brush
Newspaper - to paint on and to stuff the vase so the sticks stay.

I went hunting for my branches/sticks in our local park. Yes, I looked weird. No, I didn't care.
I then painted them and let them dry. Sorry Will and Kate, Easter tree was more important....

Then I did this....

I added an extra hole on the other end of the eggs, and threaded through some string. Then I tied a knot and it hung. Lovely! And easy too.

What do you think??