I wonder..

if anyone is actually reading my little blog?
It doesn't really matter either way.
I love that there is a space to think.


Sometimes it's okay to stay in bed til midday.
Sometimes it's good to get sick and eat 4 bowls of chicken soup.
Sometimes it's okay to find out that you're not invincible.
Sometimes it's better to call in sick, and actually be sick - not attempt to work from home.
I needed today.
I needed this cold.
For the first time, in a long time, I rested. Completely rested. Without stress.
I didn't let the messy kitchen or the fact that the vaccume cleaner was sprawled on the floor, bother me.
I stayed in bed. I watched dvds. I ate bowl after bowl of homemade soup.
I actually did nothing.
It was good.
Thank you God.