This will do. 

I love holidays. I have 2 weeks off from work, which I was dreading (as I had no plans) but so far they have been just the right amount of busy. I've done a bit of planning. A bit of catching up with friends/family. And a lot of shopping! It's weird, but I actually find shopping really stressful and tedious and disappointing. It often results in me, in a bad mood or tears. Yesterday I took my sister shopping which turned into her taking me shopping. For a 16 year old, actually for any age, she is FANTASTIC. Yes it needed capitals. I have 9 new outfits for around $250. Not bad at all. Especially when they are lovely and just what I needed and I will actually get a lot of use out of them. So, to my sister - thank you! Thank you for helping me in a way which only you can. I will be needing you more in the future xo