2 years.

Our Wedding day

As an old married women, I feel it my duty to share what a few things on what I have learned. 2 years is an accomplishment. As the guy in the coffee shop said today (as my mother was telling everyone it was my anniversary) "well, only 1 in 2 marriages survive these days".

1 in 2. That's a pretty high statistic.

I don't sit here claiming to have the answers or the secrets to a perfect marriage. There is no such thing. I do have some things that have gotten us through these years. I believe ultimately that it has been God that has brought us through. Guiding us, ever so gently towards Him and His plan for us. Yes, we could have ended up divorced by now (it could happen to anyone, really) but by God's grace we are remained as one.

Here are some other things that may have helped....
- Talking about how you're really feeling. Not just saying what you think the other person wants to hear, but actually saying what's on your heart.
- Spending time alone (or with friends). Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I have definitely seen this. We need to be encouraged by our friends and also need some time to recharge alone. It's important.
- Finding things we both enjoy - and doing them often. We LOVE to cook together, it's great :) we also love to watch West Wing, eat take out and go for long walks around the neighbourhood. Just these little things at least every few days has helped. A regular date night also helps with this.
- Treat each other as friends. It's hard to believe that it was ME who found this hard. I thought that when I got married that him being my husband meant that I needed to treat him differently. He's my friend. My best and closest friend whom I cherish. I need to laugh with him and I need to enjoy my time with him!
- Prayer. Pray for each other. Pray together. Pray that God will continue to make you the best wife/husband you can be.

I'll keep you updated on any more :)