Just because.

...I really do think I have the best husband in the world. I want so much to remember the lovely things he does for me - so that when i'm tired and cranky and trying to blame the world for my bad days, I can think about all the amazing little things that I have. Here's a few, in dot point form because dot points (and lists) are so exciting!

  • coffee and chocolate croissants on a saturday morning
  • walks down to the river at night, eating ice cream
  • car rides home, with his arm around my shoulder
  • listening to his favourite music and watching him light up
  • cooking something really boring and not incredible and him telling me it's the best meal he's ever had. oh :)
  • doing the dishes together
  • dancing in the kitchen, humming our wedding song.
Don't take anything for granted. Life is just too short.

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