I love Christmas.
I can't get enough of decorations, carols and baking yummy things!!
This year we bought a new Christmas tree - VERY exciting.
Our fake plastic tree brings me so much happiness

So I really didn't want to go too overboard this year, as I know I have the potential to just buy everything. What helped what planning what style we would use and our budget (sort of..). I chose red and gold (how original!) and stuck with that. We bought our tree early, in October, for $38 and some decorations from various places, in total around ($4 + $3 + $5 + $5) $17. I was happy with just this, but alas I saw some $5 lights and had to give in. So that makes our total around... $60. Which I'm happy with. I found that IKEA and local supermarkets were the best places to buy cheap decorations. I saw some at larger stores for around the $50 mark, noooo way!
All decorated!

Also, I plan on making some bunting...
Of course I'll need to take some sewing lessons, or convince my amazing mum to sew it for me.  I think something like this would be lovely. Oh how I love Christmas.

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